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Joe and Fiona Miller – This local family has you covered

Q. How many years have you been here?

Coming up to 25 years. People are coming back to the smaller shops because they realise they get a more personal and professional service, which everybody wants. One of our mottos is support the local businesses, not just our own.

Q. Sometimes I feel under pressure from sales people in big carpet shops.

We’re very relaxed on that. I’m not a pushy salesman. We’re a friendly family business.

Q. So can I hang about all day looking at carpets. Will that drive you nuts?

People sometimes visit the store three or four times before they make a decision and find exactly what they want. Some people will come in with their samples of paint. Some often come and sit with their samples on their own, throw down their wall paper samples and sit for a couple of hours and try and get a good idea. Then they’ll borrow the samples and come back the next day after looking at it overnight at home.

Q. What do you offer for stairs and specialty fittings?

For stairs we actually custom-cut them to size. We finish the edges with either a binding tape or a whipping in your choice of colours. We make individual bespoke runners for individual staircases.

Q. What about floor panelling?

We’ve got a new type of flooring called Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Laminate flooring is a photograph with a protection layer and the base of it is high density fibre boards, like a wood. With the new one we’ve got the base of it is vinyl and it’s extremely hard wearing and water proof. We’ve been using it in shops, hair salons. It’s also brilliant for homes, kitchens, bathrooms.

Clay Miller

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