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The Carpetstore will help you choose the best carpet for your home
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Whether you want an Axminster or a shagpile, man-made fibres or wool, The Carpetstore will help you choose the best carpet for your home. For example, choose tough, hard-wearing carpets for the stairs and hallways, softer ones for the bedrooms and deeper ones for the living room.

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The Carpetstore team is always crystal-clear about costs (including underlay and fitting), ensuring there won’t be any unexpected bills landing on your doormat. The only surprise should be a good one; of just how wonderful your new carpet looks when it is in situ in your home. +442087499340

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Your step-by-step guide to buying a carpet
Handy hints from the Carpetstore’s secret tricks of the trade

Firstly, a bit of preparation goes a long way to help you know what you want and need when buying a carpet. Pop into the shop to try out the textures and understand the uses for different kinds of materials and weaves. A twist carpet made up of cut pile and twisted fibres helps to create a hardwearing and textured carpet. Add to that a plain or ‘heathered’ style and marks will be harder to spot. The carpet is also less likely to fluff and wear. Then there are loop carpets that have a tight and resilient weave which quite literally bounce back, and so are ideal for hallways where they get a lot of use. Finally, there are velvet carpets that, as the name suggests, have a more luxurious and smoother finish. These are ideal for bedrooms or living rooms where you want to maximise that feeling of comfort and plushness. When you have chosen what you’re after, we can cut you swatches to take home to try out. Getting the right colour is the key. Place the samples in different parts of the room to see how it reacts to light and different shades to help you get an idea of how it may look. We can then pop round to measure up the rooms and give you an accurate estimate of the costs and the time we need to do the job. Once we are done, simply enjoy your sumptuous new carpets.

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Joe Miller

“People are coming back to the smaller shops because they realise they get a more personal and professional service, which everybody wants. One of our mottos is support the local businesses, not just our own.”


“For stairs we actually custom-cut them to size. We finish the edges with either a binding tape or a whipping in your choice of colours. We make individual bespoke runners for individual staircases.”


Store Manager
The most popular colours are neutral colours. Grey is in at the moment and beige has been popular for a while. Our showroom has a wide selection of carpets, including different and unusual ones. We finish edges with binding tape or whipping. We also make bespoke individual runners for a variety of staircases and designs.‘Drop into our showroom. Call for an appointment. You can take samples home. Unlike chain stores we don’t have high-pressure sales people badgering you. We don’t rush customers.


Moths. They are a big problem in the area. They love to eat 100 per cent woollen carpets. But we are on to them. Sorry moths, you have got to be beaten. We offer a selection of great carpets that can protect against these little blighters. Sorry moths, we’ve got you beat.
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